About Us

the Wildanimals Team

Who we are?

A married couple, a mother and a father who love sport, active life and are not afraid to live for it.

What we do?

We produce! Excellent and high quality sports equipment and accessories used for functional training and other power sports.

What is our main product?

Massive metal power racks, power rack systems and all other equipments that can be connected to the system. Barbells, sliders, GHD bench, plyo boxes, hammers, storage devices, and more other gadgets.

That’s all?

Noooo! Custom products, customer focused service and flexibility. Special ideas and requests are welcome.

Do they even understand what I’m talking about?

Of course! We are not only producers, but also users of our products. We can represent our goods relying on our own experience.

Where you can find us?

In Füzesabony! (Hungary, Heves County, 120 kms to the East from Budapest) And as you can see in the reference menu, our products are installed in quite a few Gyms in the country.

How can we place an order?

There is no complexity! Write an e-mail, contact on the website, or call by phone:
Petra: +36 70 61 68 750 (in english too)
Gabor: +36 30 29 29 536
Gabor is expert in technical issues, Petra is responsible for the administration (inquiries, orders, invoicing).